CHORE ALERT! Some markings for you to write in (Jan 30 2019)

CHORE ALERT! Some markings for you to write in (Jan 30 2019)

Good afternoon, all-

Hope you’re staying toasty and safe- more snow coming, probably. Weather looks good for tomorrow; if rehearsal is called off (unlikely), I’ll email.
I have some few markings for you on some upcoming pieces. I felt it would be quicker and easier to do these particular tunes to give you these relatively few markings verbally; where more markings are needed, you’ll as always get the complete marked-up piece.

Steal Away:
Rich, dark, resonant- modify vowels toward “ah”
We’ll revert to “to” (“Ah ain’t got long to stay heah.”) throughout
But stay with “thunduh,”, and “mah Lawd”
Will Ye Go, Lassie?:
Simple, folk-like, straight tone; connected through phrase; very clear text
Be sure to write in that cut: from m. 34 to end of m. 57.
Second chord in m. 34: sopranos and basses as written; altos have C, tenors have A (no Bb).
Soon Ah Will Be Done:
Same choral sound as Steal Away; but  even more dramatic and intense
Follow all markings exactly (Dawson is very precise), including pronunciation; but “I” is “Ah”
4-measure phrases (don’t breathe between mm. 2 and 3; breathe at the end of m. 4)
No repeats at all! (pp. 6-7, take 2nd ending; pp. 10-11, ditto
Add tenors to basses, first bar, bottom of p. 8; p. 11- add bass I and altos to tenor line in 2nd ending

More to follow! Thanks for writing these in, as needed.

See y’all tomorrow!