Hymns and Chores (Feb 5, 2019)

Hymns and Chores (Feb 5, 2019)

Good (beautiful) Morning, ChoirProles-

First, many thanks for some highly focused, committed singing Sunday- your intensity added a great deal to a marvelous service. Who know all that about Harriet Tubman? Amazing woman!
Genevieve will be scanning and sending you the hymns of the week (#6 and 131); those folks who said they could print them out and bring them Sunday, please do- many thanks!
Hope y’all got the markings copies- both via my email, and up on the Choir Website; please get those markings (rather few) in by Thursday, and I’ll send out some more this week.
For Thursday, please review:
Will Ye Go, Lassie?
Soon Ah Will be Done
The Journey
The Road not Taken
The Lark
The Lake Isle (Chalice Singers)
Danny Boy

and when you feel confident with this music, please start learning the Music Service music, in this order (we’ll start on it this week):
Come Thou Fount
Alleluia (Manuel)
Alleluia (2004- TB)
(there will be more Music Service music coming soon)

See y’all Thursday!