Nanaimo Bars (Vegan!)

Nanaimo Bars (Vegan!)

Donor(s): Laurie Coltri

Savor this entirely-plant-based version of the iconic Canadian national dessert. Through the wizardry of 21st Century vegan technology, these confections are virtually indistinguishable from the eggs-and-dairy-containing originals, and absolutely delicious. (Note: some ingredients may have been created on machinery that have touched eggs or dairy.) Bonus: optionally, request a flavored buttercream center (Espresso – mmmm!) Scheduling details: Please call/email at least 2 weeks in advance to schedule.

When you want to claim your bars, please call/email at least 2 weeks in advance. Nanaimo Bars keep nicely for several weeks in the fridge or several months in the freezer, as long as they’re wrapped tightly.

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  • Item Number: 351
  • Item pickup/delivery: to be negotiated.
  • Maximum buyers: 2
  • Auction Position: Silent auction
  • Bid type: The donor suggests a minimum bid of: $25.00.