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for Donation Form

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Use this checklist to make sure you’re ready to fill out the donation form.  Have the following information ready:

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Contact person, their email address and phone number (field length: max 20 characters for first name, 20 for last name)
If there is no email address, you will be asked to provide your street address.  The contact person’s info will be given to buyer(s), & the record of auction purchases will go to that person.
Donor name(s), if different from contact person (field length: max 65 characters)
Donation title (field length: max 50 characters)
Make sure the title of the donation is unique.  Note: the title to a recurring donation can be the same every year.

Select from:

  • Dinner Social Events
  • Events Not Primarily Dinners
  • Getaways
  • Gift Cards & Tickets
  • Services
  • Foods, and
  • Non-Food Tangible items.
Description (field length: max 600 characters; less than 450 preferred)
This required field is your opportunity to describe the item in detail. Use it to “sell” your item to a catalog browser. If you have room in the description, it helps to “tell a story” about your item. Did your great-great-great grandmother bring the painting over from the Old Country? Is there an interesting tale associated with how you came to own the place you’re offering as a getaway? Telling an interesting story helps to get people excited about buying your item.
Excerpt, aka tagline or lede (field length: max 200 characters)
The Excerpt is an abbreviated summary or description of your donation that stimulates interest.  It appears in the online catalog, on webpages where multiple items are listed, and in email notices of new auction donations.  Make it as informative, punchy, and even captivating as possible.
Meal/snack information (if applicable)

In appropriate situations, you’ll be asked whether:

  • Dinner / other meal / snacks will be served;
  • There will be vegetarian / vegan options; and
  • Alcoholic beverages will be served.
Auction Themes (Optional) – interest areas served by the donation

Here are the themes you’ll have to choose from (you may select all that apply):

  • Advocacy & Action
  • Animals
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Books
  • Breakfasts & Brunches
  • Child-Friendly
  • Home Furnishings
  • Luncheons
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Outdoors
  • Science
  • Spirituality
  • Sports
  • Theatre
  • Wall Candy
  • Wearables
  • Handcrafted by UUCC (aka “UUCC Creations”)
Maximum # of Buyers — required numeric field.
Location (auction events) (field length: max 40 characters)

If you plan to hold your event at the Owen Brown Interfaith Center (UUCC’s building), you must reserve space before you complete the donation form.  Space fills up very quickly, so act now.  Contact Hannah Nelson, UUCC’s Office Assistant, at 410-381-0097.   Room map:

If the item is being held at a private residence, you may want to leave off the specifics, because the online Auction catalog is accessible to the public.  Example: instead of listing “Jones family, 123 Main Street, Anytown,” you might list “Jones Family Residence, Anytown.”

Scheduling information (date/time, delivery/pickup, etc.)

Specify the date(s) & time(s) of your event/getaway; optional inclement weather date; optional end time.

Most donated Auction events are held on specified dates and times, and buyers strongly prefer it.  You may, for very small events, getaways, etc., set up your item date/time to be negotiated by yourself and the buyer.  Most tangible items (food and nonfood) are picked up at the auction, although delivery date may also be negotiated.  There is also a field for noting additional brief scheduling details.  More information: see Donation Guide

Auction Position – vocal auction or silent auction?
You may recommend either Silent Auction or Vocal Auction (or you may ask the Auctioneers to decide).  Auction events, particularly those that are expected to draw a high price, are typically sold in the Vocal Auction.  Tangible items and foods are almost always sold in the Silent Auction.  More information: Donation Guide
Pricing – your suggestions concerning bidding type and level
Do you want to specify that the item be bid up at the auction or sold for a fixed bid price?  Would you like to recommend the minimum or fixed bid?   (If you prefer, you can let the auctioneers sort out these questions.) There is also a field for specifying brief additional pricing details.
Family Pricing (Optional) – special price tier for family groups
For fixed-price items that will accommodate large crowds, you can ask for a family-pricing tier: it’s double the individual price, regardless of family size.  More information: Donation Guide
Fair Market Value estimate (Optional)
UUCC offers Fair Market Value estimates on donated items; these can impact tax deductibility.  To help UUCC in the valuation, you can offer your own estimate, & some explanation of how you arrived at it.
Post-Auction Sales (Optional)

If your donated item doesn’t (fully) sell, we can keep it in the Auction and try to sell it in our year-round Post Auction sale.   You’ll enter a recommended (fixed) price for post-auction sales (however, for items that partially sell on Auction night, the post-auction-sales price will automatically be set at the successful bidder price).  You’ll also specify (if the donated item is an event) whether you want to (a) sell admissions at the door and/or (b) pull your item out of the sale a designated number of days in advance of the event date.

IMPORTANT!  All unsold tangible items & foods MUST be taken home on Auction night; if sold post-auction, you and buyers will have to arrange delivery/pickup.

Featured Image (Optional but highly desirable)
This image is seen behind the title on your item’s webpage, and above the title on pages where catalog items are grouped. Preferred: exactly 1600px wide and 400px high.  (If it’s smaller, we may need to pick a different one; if it’s bigger, we may be able to resize and crop to fit.)  Most photos taken by modern mobile devices like phones and tablets are plenty big enough. More information: Creating a Featured Image
Other images (Optional)
These images may be used in the body of the online auction catalog item page; multiple images can be used in a slide show (but please make these images all the same size and shape if you can).  More Information:  Image Guidelines
Additional comments for the Auction Team? (Optional) There are several spaces for providing comments on the form.