Donation: FAQ

Donation: FAQ

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Who Can Donate?

In a word – YOU!

UUCC’s annual catalog of Auction donations consists of events, getaways, services, foods and tangible items (including creative offerings) donated by the UUCC community.  And some UUCC folk who have relationships with local businesses are able to convince these entrepreneurs to donate restaurant meals, tickets to their events, weekend getaways, golf course admissions, and other generous offerings.

You do not have to attend the Auction to make a donation.  (But we hope you do!)  Please note that if you have a Tangible Item to donate, intend to have it at the Auction, and do not attend, you must arrange to have it brought to the Auction and taken home by the end of the Auction if it doesn’t sell.

What Can I Donate?

Really, you’re limited only by your own creativity, ingenuity and energy.  If you have a unique or unusual interest, skill or talent, it’s very likely that it can be turned into a successful Auction donation.  For some ideas about what you can donate, See Ideas for Auction Donations.  Or talk to the Auction Team at Coffee Hour.

When Can I Donate?

Donation season generally starts in mid to late summer.  Look for announcements about the kickoff in Sunday Worship, in the Order of Service, or on UUCC’s website (in the Link Newsletter).  Or see a member of the Auction Team at coffee hour – they may be wearing special nametags and t-shirts, and frequently there is a table in the fellowship hall devoted to the Auction.

We really, really appreciate early auction donations, because they make the Auction Team’s tasks go much more smoothly.  There are cool incentives for donors who get their donations in by .  The final deadline for donation is – this deadline is chosen to allow time for our Auction Team to publish the hard-copy catalog.  We regret that we cannot accept new donations on Auction night.

Where and How can I Donate?

You can donate right from home on the online donation form.  The form is quite straightforward and will walk you through the process, step by step.  You can save your work and go back to it later if you find you’re missing some piece of information.

If you’re intimidated by working online, please see a member of the Auction Team at coffee hour, or contact a team member by email for help.

If you wish to repeat a donation that you made last year, we now have a process for “cloning” your past year’s donation to save you time and effort, so please get in touch so we can help you.

For details and to plan your donation, see the Auction Donation guide.

Why Donate?

There are lots of good reasons!  The winning bids and admission charges collected in the Auction, collectively represent UUCC’s single biggest source of funds, after pledging.  But donating to the Auction, particularly donating events, also builds a sense of community and fellowship, both for the donor and for the winning bidders.  Many UUCC folk build their entire social calendar around auction events, and many meet people who turn out to become close friends at these events.  Family-friendly events, such as our annual pottery-painting and fossil-hunting events, are a great way for kids to have an enriching experience, hang out with other UU kids, have fun and even learn something.

Tangible item donations are also a good way to give a good home to a treasured item you no longer need, and are willing to part with.  It can be a real pleasure to hang a painting or tapestry on your wall that formerly graced the home of another UUCC member, and it can warm the heart to go to a member’s home and see something you once owned, in its new good home.  And when your lifestyle changes and something stops being useful, it can be a boost to someone else.