About Registration

About Registration


Here’s what you need to know to register:

There are two levels of participation.

  • Register to Attend: Registration includes music and entertainment, a gourmet “grazing dinner,” child care if you need it, and a numbered auction paddle, which permits you to bid on auction items. (And … loads of excitement, joviality and fun!) Registration fee: $ per attendee, which is billed to you 1-2 weeks after auction night. (No, sorry, we don’t waive the fee if you don’t plan to eat.) Register By to receive off on your attendance fee!
  • Register FREE for the Right to Bid: If you can’t attend the auction, you can register to be assigned a paddle number. This option allows a friend or acquaintance to bid on your behalf (just tell your friend/acquaintance to check in and bid for you at the auction).

Newcomer Incentive!

We really want to welcome you and introduce you to our fabulous Auction, so if you're a newcomer to the UUCC community, your Auction admission is ON US. You don't have to be an official member of the congregation to qualify.  Great entertainment, music, food, and fellowship on Auction night are all included. If you qualify, your fees for attendance will be deducted from your final Auction bill. How eligibility is determined

EarlyBird Registration

Registration by is required if you

  • Want a printed auction catalog before auction night.
  • Can’t attend & want someone to bid for you (you will need to register for a paddle number to avail yourself of this option).

Free Child Care Available!

Register by to receive, FREE, child care at the Auction!

Deadline for online auction registration:  .

We allow a limited number of registrations at the door (but please save long lines and delays by registering online).

You may also invite non-UUCC guests to attend the auction

This option is a good way to introduce newcomers to UUCC and its fellowship opportunities, as well as raising even more funds for our good work. To register a guest, you must attend the auction yourself. Guests pay the same fees as UUCC registrants.

You can share a bidding paddle with your guests, and if you do, just identify your guests when you register.  If your guests want their own separate bidding paddle, you will register them separately.  This can be done seamlessly when you register yourself.  If you decide later to host a non-UUCC guest, or group of guests, use this form: Register Guests for the Auction.  Make sure you use the name and contact information you used when you yourself registered for the Auction, to identify yourself as the host.

Eating and Drinking at the Auction

Your Auction Admission includes our delicious grazing dinner. It includes salads, fruits and nuts, hummous, cheeses, breads and crackers, and assorted desserts. It’s absolutely mouth-watering.

There’s a cash bar at the Auction. We sell some pretty good wine and beer, and all proceeds support UUCC’s youth programs. So, although there’s no rule against bringing your own, we ask you to please support the cash bar by leaving your libations at home.

CLICK HERE to fill out the registration form.

Problems registering? CONTACT THE AUCTION FOLKS for help.