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A New Donation to Test Family Pricing

I had a donation posted which tested family pricing and was a signup donation. However, it depended on an auction item donation form entry that I've since trashed. The online bidding system won't work with donations that have been trashed in the database, so I'm adding a new one that we can use to test the online bidding system. Light snacks, sweets, or appetizers will be served (probably not enough for a meal). Vegan options will be offered. Alcoholic beverages will be served.

Dinner at the Mullers

full dinner at the Muller home with wine , beer and dessert blah, blah blah Alcoholic beverages will be served.

Eat the Executive Team

Some kind of version of the ever popular lunch with Paige & Sean Vegan options will be offered. Alcoholic beverages will be served.

Party Like It’s 55,000 BC!

Enjoy a really retro party in the Flintstones' lovely cave. Decked out in animal skins and featuring a fabulous bonfire in the middle of the floor, luxuriate on mastodon furs and chow down on whatever animal we were able to catch in the past week. Party games, including "invent the best object for moving large objects easily up a hill" and "arrowhead flinting races" will be played. Sabre-tooth cat visits may or may not be featured. Dinner will be served as part of this donation. Paleo-diet friendly. Alcoholic beverages will be served.


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