Donate an Auction Item or Event

Donate an Auction Item or Event


Donating to the UUCC Auction is a great way to help your congregation thrive. Donating an event is a great way to have fun and get to know people better, and donating items of value can lower your clutter while giving your possessions a second chance at enriching someone’s life. If you like to cook or just like to find great foods, please someone with your culinary talents by donating a food item. And if you own a timeshare or vacation getaway, you can donate a weekend or more to give a fellow congregant a wonderful vacation.

What can I donate?

Here are the donation categories:

Items that have a higher expected value &/or anticipated interest are typically placed in the vocal auction. The most popular auction items are social events which provide opportunities for UUCC members & friends to get to know each other, have fun, & learn. Closing prices may be correspondingly high. But there are also social events with a low fixed price to fit any budget.

Tangible items have a minimum bid price of $20, meaning that you could sell the item in its present condition for at least that amount. We ask that you please do not donate anything with a lesser value. The auction is a fundraiser event, not a yard sale.

Need help figuring out what to donate?

We have lots of resources to help you. Other UUCC  members can be a source of ideas & also possible co-hosts for events.  Are you new to the UUCC Auction and need help with ideas for donations?  Do you have a great idea for an event, but can’t or would rather not be the donor?  Are you eager to get involved, and want to hitch your wagon to someone else’s star?  The Auction experts will act as a matchmaker — please come to the Auction table at coffee hour, or contact us by email.

We’re collecting ideas here.  For inspiration, you can also check out the Past Auction Catalogs. See also our “Get Involved” information page.

Or, send a note to; one of our auction experts will get in touch with you to brainstorm with you.

Choosing a date for your Auction Event

If your donation has a specific event, delivery or service date, please consult the UUCC Congregational Calendar and the UUCC Auction Calendar to minimize date conflicts.

Check your proposed event date for date conflicts.

Enter your proposed event date in the field below (mm/dd/yyyy), then click buttons to view each calendar.

UUCC Calendar     Auction Calendar

Donation Deadlines

  • Early-bird donation: . Donating your item by this date gets you cool incentives (tba).
  • Donation deadline: 

Do I have to attend the Auction?

Nope. You can stay home on Auction Night. (But we really hope you’ll attend!) Bear in mind, also, that we welcome a limited number of skits (skit length limited to 60 seconds) to showcase Vocal Auction items, and that we pick the best skit on Auction Night. You can register for a skit here.

How to Donate


Donating’s easy! Complete the online form during coffee hour or at home. READ THE FOLLOWING POINTS BEFORE DONATING!

  1. You can use our Donation Checklist to pre-plan your donation. But if you start filling out the form and realize you need to do some additional planning, you can save what you’ve entered and return to it later.
  2. We regret that we are unable to accept new donations at the door on auction day.
  3. A separate form must be completed for each item donated.  Even similar items, unless they are absolutely precisely identical, must be separately entered. More information …
  4. Your donation’s titles must be unique.
  5. NO VERTICAL SPACES!! — in other words, DON’T use the ENTER key to create separate paragraphs! It REALLY confuses the software! If you do try to add vertical spaces, they will be replaced with text that reads [NL] to indicate a new line.
  6. If you experience persistent problems with the form: please contact Laurie Coltri, Auction Web Goddess.

Spice up your donations with images!

We really want photos (or other images) and videos of your donated items, because they add Wow power to your donation. They are also used in the online auction catalog for navigating readers over to the items in question. The Auctioneers may also use your images to “sell” your item on Auction night.

If you’re selling a unique artwork, craft, rug, or piece of furniture, or if you’re donating a getaway, photos are especially important for giving potential buyers an idea of what you are donating. (In particular, the online catalog is what “sells” getaways and very expensive donations, because buyers need to plan in advance to bid on them.)

You’ll upload your photo(s) when you submit your donation form. So, if you want to dress up your online donation, get your photo(s) or other image(s) ready before you begin filling out the form. (We can add photos later, but it’s much more work for the Auction Committee; so please use the upload feature if you can!)

Here’s how to submit photos and video.