Movie Nites at Casa Coltri: Movies About Families

Movie Nites at Casa Coltri: Movies About Families

In our 13th season presenting Movie Nites at Casa Coltri, we are excited to offer seven films about families. Don’t confuse these with “family movies” (although some may also be) — a few of these films may be heartwarming and “nice,” others are funny, wicked, bleak, or edgy — or all three.

Movie Nites start promptly at 7pm when guests arrive, meet and greet, grab some soda, popcorn, and movie candy, and find a comfy seat in the Coltri Home Theatre, with the big, 7-foot screen. If you’re very lucky, one of our Bonus Lap Cats will snuggle up, or at least try to nick your popcorn.

After the film, we offer hot beverages, more or less spectacular or bizarre desserts themed to the movie, and the fellowship of 20+ UUs, all eager to talk about what they experienced. We hope YOU’RE one of them!

Movie Nites are sold individually, not as a set, for $15 per seat (SuchaDeal!). On Auction Night, be prompt – folks have to wait to sign up ’til 4 when the Auction opens, but many of the films fill up within a few minutes.

We’re looking forward to Movie Nites with you! — Tom Benjamin, Carol Benjamin, Alan Coltri and Laurie Coltri

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