A New Donation to Test Family Pricing

A New Donation to Test Family Pricing

Donors: Dreadful Don and Massively Malevolent Mitch

I had a donation posted which tested family pricing and was a signup donation. However, it depended on an auction item donation form entry that I've since trashed. The online bidding system won't work with donations that have been trashed in the database, so I'm adding a new one that we can use to test the online bidding system. Light snacks, sweets, or appetizers will be served (probably not enough for a meal). Vegan options will be offered. Alcoholic beverages will be served.


  • Item #: 114
  • Scheduling Details: Meet at OBIC 15 min earlier to put on costumes.
  • Fixed bid: $22.00 (family pricing of $44.00 is available for this item.)
  • Max Buyers: 65
Item Type: Events Not Primarily Dinners,   Themes: Arts & Crafts, Child-Friendly, Games,
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No entries match your request.

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