Feast of Unusual Proteins

Feast of Unusual Proteins

Donor(s): Parr Family, Marsh Family, & Paul Family

PLEASE NOTE that due to the pandemic, this event is postponed until June 2021. New date tbd.

Join the Parrs, Marsh and Paul families for a unique sampling of unusual proteins. Grilled, stewed and braised, we will feast on a meals that could be mammal, reptile, insect, or plant based. Side dishes will consist of unusual greens (dandelion) and desserts will be not the run of the mill choices, either (strawberry/rhubarb pie). Be brave and try something “different”! Open to all. Alcoholic beverages will be served.


  • Date: Jun 6 2020 1:00-4:30pm (Rain date: Jun 13).
  • Maximum buyers: 15
  • Auction Position: Vocal auction
  • Bid type: The donor suggests a minimum bid of: $25.00.


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