LEED Platinum Home Tour
with Lunch and Piano Entertainment

LEED Platinum Home Tour
with Lunch and Piano Entertainment

Donor(s): Ed Gaddy, Michael Adcock

Enjoy a delicious organic, whole food, plant based, vegan lunch and then take tours of Ed Gaddy’s award winning, environmentally reverent house and its native plant gardens. Ed’s LEED platinum house has won the American Institute of Architects Wintergreen Award and has been certified as meeting stringent energy and water consumption requirements that will be discussed in the tours. Afterwards, revel in a half-hour of piano entertainment from Michael Adcock as he plays vintage classical and popular pieces on a magnificent 1889 Steinway Grand. Alcoholic beverages will not be served. (Note: a cat lives at the home.)


  • Date: May 16 2020 1-3:45pm
  • Maximum buyers: 20
  • Auction position: Vocal auction
  • Minimum Bid: $40.00

Special notes from Ed Gaddy:

  • As an added bonus, you may get to meet Ed’s slightly obnoxious cat, Root. Please do not discuss politics with Root. He is opinionated and weaponized. If you stay away from religion and politics, you will be fine and may even get a purr.
  • Information about the house is available at: https://www.baltimoresun.com/features/home/bs-mg-hm-gaddy-home-20170807-story.html and https://living-future.org/lbc/case-studies/gaddy-house
  • Rules and Regulations (gasp, bureaucracy even here):  Ed’s driveway has room for 15 vehicles; but sadly, all but two of the vehicles will be parked in until the end of the event. On street parking is not available. If you can, please carpool. Please do not park even a wheel on Ed’s neighbors’ lawns. One neighbor is very sensitive about this.


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