Something’s Fishy Fish Dinner

Something’s Fishy Fish Dinner

Donor(s): Jim and Kathy Wu, Bill and Janet Ramsey, Alice Triplett

Is Squid a Fish? Is Shrimp 🍤 a Fish? How about 🦀 Crab Cakes & Oysters? Who cares anyway if it’s Yummy 😋? Please join us for All of the Items Above, Cream of Crab Soup, Rockfish, Salmon, the Maryland State Dessert – Smith Island Cake (burp) & much more. Alcoholic beverages will be served.


  • Date: Apr 25 2020 6:00pm.
  • Maximum buyers: 12
  • Auction Position: Vocal auction
  • Bid type: The donor suggests a minimum bid of: $50.00.


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