for Auction Donations

for Auction Donations

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We on the Auction Team have had the privilege of working with generous, ingenious auction donors for many years, and are so grateful for the results!

Really, the opportunities for donation are endless, limited only by your time, energy and creativity.  We hope the ideas on this page will spark some brainstorming.  But we can also talk at Coffee Hour – please come see us; we love to help generate ideas.


Let your imagination and your own unique interests and skills be your guide.

  • Do you know how to cook a regional cuisine?  Meals based on a culinary tradition are extremely popular.
  • Do you have an unusual hobby?  Build an event around it.  Give bidders a tour of your living room collection of wine bottles, along with a spread of snacks; offer a chocolate tasting, offer a birdhouse-making workshop.
  • If you work at an interesting place, you can offer a tour.
  • Do you have have a skill or knowledge area conducive to lecture or discussion?  Offer an hour or two of talk or discussion, followed by snacks or a luncheon.
  • Offer an afternoon or evening of games.  People have successfully offered events around card games, board games, and online games – even an annual Corn Hole tournament.
  • Do you love animals?  Offer a dog show.
  • Offer a cooking class for your favorite recipe.

These are just a few of the endless possibilities.  If you’d like to brainstorm, come talk to the Auction Team at coffee hour – we’d enjoy helping out with your decision.


Do you or a family member have access to a vacation cottage or resort condo?  You can offer a time that suits your convenience as a getaway.  Getaways have been traditional offerings at the UUCC Auction, and we could always use some new and interesting venues for getaways.


Again, let your imagination loose.  Is there something you do that’s unusual?  Do you like to do carpentry, handyman work, cooking, or driving?

Donors have successfully offered cat-sitting and airport transit services, as well as a handyman service, music lessons and tutoring.  Add your unique interests and skills to the mix!


Do you have a dish or baked item that you’re “famous” for? Donate some to the Auction! People donate foods that others take home on Auction night, and they also donate foods for later pickup by the successful bidder. From pesto to gorgeous decorated cakes to meringue cookies, people love to buy foods and our UUCC folk are terrific cooks!

Ideas from Lauren Haywood

Over the years, Auction veteran Lauren Haywood has generously provided lots of ideas about possible Auction donations.  They’re listed below.

General suggestions
  • Organize a team to enter the Great Cardboard Boat Regatta on Lake Kittamaqundi in early June. (If you’re interested, we’ll connect you with UUCC members who made this idea an auction event some years ago.
  • Bicyclists – Organize a bike ride.
  • Someone could organize a fun run around Lake Elkhorn with silly stopping stations along the way and a picnic lunch at the end.
  • Lots of people in our congregation have canoes. Perhaps some of them could organize a canoe trip or race?
  • A group of people could host a Murder Mystery Dinner.  I have the game box for “Murder at the Mardi Gras” and am willing to lend to to someone who is willing to host this event.
  • Picnics with nature walks and/or scavenger hunts
  • Organizing an ENGLISH TEA with tiny cakes ,sandwiches, fancy dress, white gloves and maybe a game of croquet or badminton.
  • Winter or summer solstice celebrations.
Family-Friendly Event Ideas
Tangible items
  • Consider creating a gift basket that gathers items on a theme. Some ideas: children’s books, wine and dine, spa supplies (lotions, soaps, etc.), DVDs on a topic theme, cheeses and crackers, fun basket for crafts.

Other Ideas