Past Auction Events

Past Auction Events

Stuff on Sticks Cookout

Spend a lovely evening appreciating great company, fireflies, and stars. Enjoy appetizers, beer-and-onion cooked brats and nitrate-free hot dogs, and, of course, S’mores–all on sticks!


During Ramadan Sanctuaries C and A and the catering kitchen are booked every single evening. On Friday and Saturday evenings Sanctuary B is also booked. Preparations can begin as early as 6:00 pm. These events are very full of people. The parking lot tends to fill up and the upstairs is very packed with people. Best to avoid booking anything in the evenings during Ramadan.

Warm Welcome Shelter

View more information on the UUCC Calendar here. Or email Maureen ( or Hannah (

Pao de Kuai

Strategy and shouting, laughter and fun…what more could you want in an evening?

UUCC Lawn and Garden Party

Participants will enjoy a delightful afternoon of BOCCE and EXTREME CROQUET on the lush grounds of the exclusive U.U. OBIC Club in the village of Owen Brown located near enchanting Lake Elkhorne.

Movies About Religion #7: PK

Movie Nites at Casa Coltri (Movies About Religion): A wonderful, over-the-top Bollywood extravaganza about a space alien who searches all over India for God, to help him get home. Really!

Greek Dinner

If it’s all Greek to you, “min anisycheís” (no worries). The wonderful culinary world of Greece awaits your tastebuds. Kalí órexi!

Quilters’ Paradise!!

Phenomenal sale of quilting fabric, books, notions, sewing machines and more at extraordinary low prices.

Baltimore Artists, Their Art and Dive Bar

A tour of Baltimore’s Mount Royal drinking establishment, honored by mentions in The New York Times and Washington Post as a dive bar extraordinary, is where artists hang.

Movies About Religion #5: Doubt

Movie Nites at Casa Coltri (Movies About Religion): This brilliant masterpiece about suspicion and prejudice explores complexities in how to protect children from pedophilia by religious leaders.

Paint Brunch

Pull on your smock and join us for a couple hours to create your own UU chalice painting and enjoy a delicious brunch!

Robots for Kids

Robots are fun, and don’t need to be complex. This is a simple robot building class that avoids software and complexity. Kids ages 7 to 11 build and bring home a robot they guide with a flashlight.

Movies About Religion #3: Malcolm X

Movie Nites at Casa Coltri (Movies About Religion): A towering, epic and complex, masterfully-told biopic of the life of Malcolm X, directed by Spike Lee, from the book by Alex Haley.

Creature Features #1 – Charlotte’s Web

A faithful adaption of E.B. White’s beloved children’s novel about a girl, a fabulous piglet, a kind and wise spider, and a cast of opinionated farm animals and rodentia.

Movies About Religion #2: Spotlight

Movie Nites at Casa Coltri (Movies About Religion): In the best investigative journalism film since ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN, the gripping tale of the Boston Globe’s revelation of priest pedophilia.

LEGO Train & Towns Open House

LEGO maniacs (of all ages) unite! Visit the Reese’s LEGO train garden, with a variety of city and amusement park models, a large minifigure and more! Open House for all ages, priced for families.

Lawn and Garden Party

A delightful afternoon of Bocce, Badminton and Croquet on the lush grounds of the exclusive OBIC Club in the village of Owen Brown near enchanting Lake Elkhrorne.

Circus Maximus!

It’s part Ancient Rome, part demolition derby, part NASCAR, and part sorcery and divine intervention!

Pottery Painting

What do an owl, a crab, mugs, plates, and tiles that read Cry, Dance, Lament, Cherish and Love have in common? They were all created at the 2017 Pottery Painting event!