Item Number Worksheet

Item Number Worksheet

HOW TO USE THIS WORKSHEET: When you open the worksheet, items are organized in ascending order of Item Number. Nonconsecutive numbers are separated by a bold line, blank or zero item numbers are shown in pink/red, and repeat numbers are shown with a yellow background. Make the changes right on the worksheet by enabling online edit. You'll need to refresh the page to see the effects of the changes you've made. You can view details about a donation by disabling online edit and clicking on the item title - the details will open in a separate tab.
1Feeds without filterdColtriVocal AuctionDinner Social Events

Trying for a feed!

2Trying the feeds againMordorVocal AuctionEvents Not Primarily Dinners

OK here it comes!

3Testing the Budget Setting in the feedColtriVocal AuctionEvents Not Primarily Dinners

Test 1 of the budget-conscious setting

4This Will Test the Budget Conscious Setting AgainCammeraraVocal AuctionEvents Not Primarily Dinners

This is the second test of "budget conscious" which will test the proper turning-off of the setting.

5Breakfast with All the TrimmingsColtriVocal AuctionEvents Not Primarily Dinners

Using the cats' breakfasts to fashion a dated auction item.

107Und so!! Feed-landia!ColtriSilent AuctionEvents Not Primarily Dinners


108Donation to Test the New, Improved Family PricingColtriSilent AuctionEvents Not Primarily Dinners

The Iowa caucuses kicked off the 2020 presidential nomination contest in earnest Monday evening.

109Movie Nites - When Harry Met SallyColtriSilent AuctionEvents Not Primarily Dinners

Come see the classic modern screwball RomCom that launched Great films like "Sleepless in Seattle" and "You've Got Mail."

110Galactic Party to Celebrate 100 Movie NitesColtriSilent AuctionEvents Not Primarily Dinners

Come help us celebrate our 100th Movie Nite this season, with a big congregational bash -- featuring a screening of Galaxy Quest, the immortal comic sci-fi masterpiece.

111Galactic Party to Celebrate 100 Movie Nites-FAMColtriSilent AuctionEvents Not Primarily Dinners
112A Big Online DinnerAmosSilent AuctionDinner Social Events

An imaginary fake social event in the Covid-19 age.

113A Ride Aboard the Starship EnterprisePicardSilent AuctionEvents Not Primarily Dinners

Have loads of fun in this imaginary auction item!

114A New Donation to Test Family PricingDonSilent AuctionEvents Not Primarily Dinners

Here is a new test signup item which allows family pricing.

115A New Donation to Test Family Pricing-FAMDonSilent AuctionEvents Not Primarily Dinners
116Cat Breakfast at the ColtrisColtriSilent AuctionEvents Not Primarily Dinners

A complete cat breakfast (an imaginary event to test the 2020 auction form).

117A Donation Entered June 21 2020FlintstoneSilent AuctionDinner Social Events

Testing the form in June 2020.

118Dinner at the MullersMullerSilent AuctionDinner Social Events

Muller dinner

119Party Like It's 55,000 BC!FlintstoneSilent AuctionEvents Not Primarily Dinners

Enjoy a lovely prehistoric party with the Flintstones!

120Eat the Executive TeamGriffinSilent AuctionDinner Social Events

Eat the ET!

121Winter Wine in the GarageNedzbalaSilent AuctionDinner Social Events

Winter Wine in Garage

131A Getaway Donation to Test Undated ItemsColtriSilent AuctionGetaways

Yadda yadda, here is my tagline!

131A Beautiful GetawayColtriSilent AuctionGetaways

Test of the undated donation fields, using the Getaway item type.

132A Virtual Trip Down the AmazonExploraSilent AuctionGetaways

Join your host Dora Explora for a Zoom voyage down the Amazon river.

133Three Nights in a Mongolian YurtBurtSilent AuctionGetaways

Enjoy nights in a yurt.

134Getaway to BeachAfkinichSilent AuctionGetaways

Weekend at the beach